Southern Gas Turbines Ltd. was formed in 1984 to provide independent product support services for gas turbine operators in the Aero, Industrial and Marine fields.

Product Support

Services include, commissioning, survey, service, troubleshooting, repair, defect investigation, modification, NDT, training, sales of engines and spares.

Engineers frequently travel to customer’s bases, and by using techniques such as NDT, assess if the problem can be rectified without having to remove the engine. Should engine removal be necessary, then time can be saved if the repairs can be carried out at the operator’s engineering base. Only if these facilities are not suitable, will the engine be transported to suitable repair facilities.

With many aircraft and marine vessels operating far in excess of their design lives, new metallurgical processes are proving their worth in enabling components to operate for extended periods. S.G.T. makes maximum use of these processes, particularly for engines operating in the marine environment.

During our extensive trading period the company has supplied support services for a large range of engines, from the Pratt & Whitney JT3D-3B & JT5, down to the smallest Airborne Power Units.

The main engines supported are the Olympus, Proteus, Gnome and Rover engines, for which an extensive range of spares are stocked.

British Civil Aviation Authority approval was awarded to the Company in 1988, covering the Proteus engine. Subsequently, approval was granted by other classification authorities to cover marine gas turbines.

Customers that have used these services include operators, such as British Airways, Hoverspeed, Hovertravel, South West Electricity Board, Canadian Coast Guard and many Navies. Manufacturers include Rolls-Royce, Walter a.s. and Westland.

Spares, Engines, and Tooling for sale.

A range of spares, (new, overhauled and serviceable) are stocked, along with certain engines, and tooling.

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